Today is the 1-year anniversary of the passing of my friend Mike. Mike had a heart of gold, an infectious smile, and he was a loving son, father of 2, and brother to 3. Throughout the past year, I’ve often caught myself saying, “Oh Mike” when I randomly think about the sad fact that he’s gone, and the devastating way he died. … Read More

Status Quo Bias

Last week I finished the book, ‘Essentialism’ by Greg McKeown and I bookmarked quite a few revelations and some things that I wanted to learn more about. One of said things was the status quo bias, “The tendency to continue doing something simply because we have always done it.” As a person who tries to be intentional with her words … Read More

Empty Tanks

It was a hard lesson to learn, but years ago I realized that, I couldn’t give from nothing. I can’t make deposits into people or things without first investing in myself. I needed to first fill my tank, in order to give. Thus began my ritual of “mountain topping”. Last week however, not only did I have nothing to give to … Read More

Willingness to Learn | Willingness to Do

What's screaming for your attention? What's begging for your action? If the theme of your life is moments of contentment or sporadic happiness, but not a life of joy and fulfillment, what are you willing to do? Are you open and willing to learn? Are you open and willing to do? Which of the following 4 are you right now? ... Read More

#Dear Me

This week YouTube created a #DearMe hashtag and videos dedicated to something you'd tell your younger self. The tag made me think about just how much growth and change 10 years can bring.   10At age 10, you're usually ecstatic to be in the double digits & no longer considered a little kid, and at the same time, the teens are the ... Read More

Clean Bodies

I usually reserve content that I share in my weekly newsletters for just the people who’ve opted in for them. But, this week I’ve decided to post the poem I wrote on Clean Bodies because I know the newsletter in-crowd wouldn’t mind. And no, french fries aren’t a ‘clean food’, but this journey is about transparency right? Clean Bodies *Mounts … Read More