Guest Post

I am excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger on the Keep Life Simple blog. Keep life Simple, run by Annette Spanski is a health, beauty, and lifestyle blog for women aged 30 and up. I will be writing for KLS once a month; to read my first post, click here.    

Contingency Plan

"Failure is not an option." "Failure is always an option." "Everyone needs a plan B" "Plan B distracts from plan A." Depending on whose school of thought you subscribe to, you probably either ignore failure as an option, or recognize it could happen, and maybe even plan for it. Even if failure never finds you, or if you don't perceive ... Read More

One Is Enough

You can allow yourself to look at the vastness of the universe, the span of the earth, the breadth of the world, the population of the human race, the number of residents in a country, the amount of people in need, and the singularity of yourself and decide that you can’t make a difference. Or, you can decide that you, … Read More

Money Thoughts

You know by now that money is a tool, that it’s not the root of all evil, that it doesn’t grow on trees, that it isn’t actually made of paper, that more of it doesn’t make you happier, but that it can enrich your life experience. But that’s only where thoughts about money begin. Beyond that there’s your personal thoughts … Read More


I don’t know what it is that makes people react so strongly to the word or the idea of change. Rationally, I guess it’s just a fear of the unknown, but so many times what we never saw coming, didn’t plan for, expect, or even dream of happens, and we’re glad it did. Shouldn’t that change how you feel about … Read More


Develop a manifesto. A personal statement. What do you do, believe, want, and enjoy. Where are you going, what do you need to be reminded of? In a nutshell, who are you? What is the Call To Action for your life? Pictured above is my personal manifesto. It's a work in progress (hence the empty space). I encourage you to ... Read More