Vulnerability is Weakness

I love Brené Brown. I think her work is great and I have watched her TED talk and other speeches by her. Her shame research and her speeches on vulnerability have resonated with many, and for good reason. Check her out. I think that to be vulnerable is to be weak; open for attack, easily hurt or harmed. To be … Read More


I am an addict. I have recently had to put myself on a sugar restriction, again! Weekends only, until I can once again conquer the addiction. I used to be known for being a lover of any shaped chicken product, having a sweet tooth, and being the kid who had to sit at the table for hours because she refused ... Read More

Time Will Tell

I just told you yesterday that there were 92 days left in the year. So, what did you do with your eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds today? Sounds like a lot of time, right? One thousand four hundred and forty minutes, twenty-four hours.  No matter how you break it down, we all got the same amount of time today. We ... Read More

Finish Strong

I read a book my senior year of high school and again during freshman year of college called, Finish Strong. Fitting, as I almost didn't get to finish my freshman year of college. I was placed on academic probation after my second trimester; who knew that was a real thing? Fear not, I got my act together, mainly because my mom was ... Read More

Show Up

I am grateful to be able to work with so many different people on a weekly basis. Every client I have the privilege of writing for or consulting with does work that reflects their passion. While the industries change, and topics vary, they all share a common theme... they show up. Day after day they show up; when they don't ... Read More

Who Are You?

Often we identify ourselves by our titles, our roles, our likes, our habits, and by what others say about us. Even things we may not be want to be known as, such as loud, greedy, or bad with money. But is that a complete and accurate description of who we are? Do we actually know who we are? As much as ... Read More

Are We Our Choices?

If your goal is to help people change, proceed with caution. Do we attach who we are to what we do.? We come in different heights, different colors, and from different cultures, but for the most part, fundamentally, we’re pretty much the same. The things that separate us are the choices we make; the way we raise our kids, the foods we … Read More

Knowledge Into Action

What is the secret to turning knowledge into action? A friend of mine is full of potential. She's bright, she's a thinker, a talker, and she's very personable. She just isn't a doer. Well, that's not the complete truth. She will do, she will try, but she isn't consistent and often quits things when they don't work out as quickly ... Read More

Hustle vs Grind

I’ve listened to a lot of rap music in my day. It isn’t my genre of choice these days, but as a person who loves words, poetry, and a good beat, it used to consume my life. Listen to any rap song of any era and you will hear rappers boast about their strategies and means of earning money. Their versus usually … Read More

It’s OK to Quit

During my senior year of high school I had a big decision to make. I had to decide between continuing to dance, something I'd done faithfully for 14 years or not play lacrosse, a sport I loved playing. I'd been able to juggle the two from 7th-11th grade but as the schedule for both became more demanding and the interest in ... Read More