I don’t know what it is that makes people react so strongly to the word or the idea of change. Rationally, I guess it’s just a fear of the unknown, but so many times what we never saw coming, didn’t plan for, expect, or even dream of happens, and we’re glad it did. Shouldn’t that change how you feel about change?

Maybe it’s not that we are afraid of change, maybe it’s that we don’t feel like doing the work that the change will involve.

If that’s the case for you, if you step back and look at the bigger picture, pros & cons style, isn’t a little bit of work worth a big change? Isn’t a few years of hard work worth a lifetime of peace, happiness, and wealth? Is it really easier, in the long run, to continue to do the things that don’t serve you, that don’t feel good, that don’t get you any closer to your dreams, or that just flat out make you miserable? I dunno about ya’ll, but I’m all for change.

In fact, just yesterday I changed my hairstyle, and I already want to change it back. But on a more important scale of things, you can’t begin to change the world, build a dream, live a happy and healthy life, if you won’t change you first, or at least try. Changing your mind, changing your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, those are all the changes that require work but whose impact outlasts the work.

So here’s your call to action. Identify (like, write down) every single thing you want and need to change. Scratch that, don’t write down your wish to change the light sockets or the oil in the car. Just write down all the feelings , thoughts, and behaviors you have that you want to rid yourself of. Be honest with yourself, if you have thoughts of incompetence, if you think you’re not worthy of success, if you constantly say one thing but do another, or never follow through; write it down. Only you know the things you need to change and the more you tune in and take inventory, the more things may come up.

Once you’ve done that, start wherever you’d like; it’d be great for you to start with the one that will have the greatest impact, but not everyone can tackle the mountain on their first climb. So, start with the molehills, one thing. Change what you think and you will witness your feelings and behaviors change with it. Change one thing, and keep going.



Photo by Brock Davis