Clean Bodies

I usually reserve content that I share in my weekly newsletters for just the people who’ve opted in for them. But, this week I’ve decided to post the poem I wrote on Clean Bodies because I know the newsletter in-crowd wouldn’t mind. And no, french fries aren’t a ‘clean food’, but this journey is about transparency right?

Clean Bodies

*Mounts Soapbox*

This will be no sermon, for I have no message to preach.
This will be no lecture, for you are not my students to teach.
This will be no endorsement, commercial, or advertisement.
There will be no discouragement, belittling, or chastisement.

This is a love note from me to you, consider it a makeshift Valentine.
But not the kind that comes with flowers, balloons, chocolate, or red or white wine.
This kind of love is better than those, because it’s a love for fellow mankind.
What it contains isn’t new, or groundbreaking, its purpose is more so to remind.

Remind you that the better you eat, the better you feel.
That you don’t need a soda in order to enjoy a meal.
The more water you drink, the more clearly you’ll think.
The less sugar you eat, the longer you’ll be able to keep your own teeth.
Elevate your heart rate, break a sweat every few days.
Get plenty of sleep, put that “got dang” cell phone away.
If it comes from a plant, eat lots of it, and eat it often.
If it’s made in a plant, well, that’s the stuff that makes arteries harden.

Skinny doesn’t equal healthy and overweight doesn’t automatically mean lazy.
We all know a skinny person that’s winded by stairs and a plus size who’s tried like crazy.
There’s no such thing as junk food, there’s junk and then there’s food.
Eliminate the processed stuff and watch how it’ll improve your mood.
No one has ever died from protein deficiency, don’t fall for that old tale.
Everything we need was here before us, have you witnessed the power of kale?

Don’t be duped into thinking your choices are healthy, that’s not our grandparents’ wheat.
The wheat and the corn do not constitute evil, there’s no sin in the milk or the meat.
It’s the greed and the feed pumped into it on behalf of the subsidized corporations.
There’s a reason deadly diseases first began in our overabundant nation.
Oops, sorry that almost got too documentary, wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s fragile food feelings.
It’s one of those topics, like religion, politics, and money that avoiding is easier than dealing.

But the topic is one so near and so dear, because I have lived on both sides of the coin.
So though this love letter is from me, and to you, in this task do I too join.
I was the sugar princess and the chicken addict with a freezer full of every shape of nugget.
And now I am the meatless, dairy-free, and energized, whole foods shopper, on a budget.
And yes, one literal misstep almost two years ago has taken my mind and body to task.
But if I could do it before, I can do it again, and if you need some help, you know to just ask.
Don’t turn up your nose, I’m not waging any wars, and PETA doesn’t have me on payroll.
Converting you to vegan or veg doesn’t excite me, and after all, these emails are about fixing soul holes.
But, your complete life is important and your health, well it matters a great deal to me.
Because without it there really is no point in going through the motions of cleaning up and living transparently.

So don’t spend all your time doing the hard work and leave the things pertaining to health to a whim.
Because the internal life powers the external work and your clean body is where it all begins.
Eat cleaner, drink water, sleep more, work harder, and enjoy a clean body.
Because you deserve to feel your best, and this movement can’t move with just me.

*Dismounts Reinforced Soapbox*