#Dear Me

This week YouTube created a #DearMe hashtag and videos dedicated to something you’d tell your younger self. The tag made me think about just how much growth and change 10 years can bring.



At age 10, you’re usually ecstatic to be in the double digits & no longer considered a little kid, and at the same time, the teens are the next big goal. You enjoy friends of all races and both genders, you still enjoy doing things with your parents and siblings, and your biggest worries in life are deciding on what show to watch and not feeling like cleaning up your room. Life is pretty much perfect, you are carefree, and all dreams are possible.


By age 20 you long for the simple worries of having to just clean your room. Not only is your room probably a permanent mess, but your life may feel somewhat up in the air also. You are either working or studying (or of course, both) and you are trying to figure out exactly what to do with your life. Your relationship with all those childhood friends is most likely nothing more than following each other on social media.


By 30, you cannot believe that 30 is your actual age. It feels like 20 was just yesterday, but when you attended your 10 year high school reunion, you were quickly reminded that it wasn’t. You have either settled into a career, or at least narrowed down an industry. The creation of your own family excites and scares you. By now you’re pretty firm on what kind of life you want and what kind of people you want in it.

For some people, the thought of changing, the work that goes into it and the time it will take is not worth it. They look at how long they’ve done something, thought a certain way, or been the way they are and they think it will take that same amount of time to undo or change. But, look how quickly time goes. Making a lasting change doesn’t require nearly as long as ten years, but oh how worth it the time investment, (no matter how long) is when you can live the remainder of your life whole, happy, and healthy.