Define Success

One of the best questions I ever heard asked was, “What does success look like to you?”
Answering that question on an hourly, daily, weekly, and yearly basis helps me to work backward, another great ‘trick’ I learned. Before I go to bed I have an idea of all the things I want to get done the next day. When I wake up, as I oil pull and before I begin my devotion, I write down every single thing (I even put ‘eat’ on the list) that I want to do that day and because I’m a high-functioning, to do list kind of person, that works for me. Although it is a list, it gives me a mind map and helps me to schedule and plan my day. I know that when the things on that list are complete, I can consider the day a success, which usually just means that I’ve been productive.
When I’m working with a client on a new project, I ask them, “What does success look like to you for this project?” This helps me understand the role I play and helps them verbalize what exactly they want for themselves.
Working backwards means that I know what the goal or endgame is, first. After that, I simply break years, weeks, days, and hours down into manageable, smaller goals, and I get busy.
According to my mom, the best question she remembers me asking was, “Why doesn’t Butch (the dog) use the toilet in the house?” Who asked her anyway?
How do you define success?