Finish Strong

I read a book my senior year of high school and again during freshman year of college called, Finish StrongFitting, as I almost didn’t get to finish my freshman year of college.
I was placed on academic probation after my second trimester; who knew that was a real thing? Fear not, I got my act together, mainly because my mom was having no parts of me being kicked out of school. But I finished the year strong-er than I started.
I am a person who places way too much value on calendar firsts. I tend to start projects, habits, and make changes on the first of the year, the first month, and even the first day of the week. But, today, as we welcome October, I am looking forward to finishing.

There’s 92 days left in 2014. MAKE THEM COUNT!

As a football fan, and in particularly, a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I know the importance of the fourth quarter. You can miss the entire first three quarters of an Eagles game and watch the game be won or lost in the fourth quarter.
If your year has been a series of unkept promises, unfinished work, an unplaced phone calls, finish strong. Make a list and use your 92 days wisely. You don’t have to wait until the first of anything to start. Imagine all the people who wish they had just 92 more days, all the people who gave up on their dreams or goals just 92 days before things came together for them, or who waited 92 days too late and couldn’t get started.
You have just over three months to make a difference, to start a business, write a book, volunteer, attend counseling, learn to build a website, or find your passion.
Lucky you to have lollygagged all year and still have a chance to make your days count.
Finish strong and get busy, NOW!