Invest in Happiness

Happiness is a lucrative investment.

The path down which you took your life may have a lot to do with your level of fulfillment and happiness. Luckily, no matter the path, you can always course correct, and make new decisions. After high school, I moved out of state to attend college, and a few years later I moved into my first apartment. As a naturally introverted person, having my own apartment was comforting, but more than anything, having a space of my own and time, gave me a chance to get to know who I was, what I liked, what I wanted, and what made me happy. I know that isn’t the path of some people, I have friends who went from parents house to dorm to boyfriend’s or high school to husband, or who just never had a time when they were alone long enough to get to meet the new, mature, person they’d become. So often, I encounter people who are joyous, they have a deep and underlying contentment, their soul is one of peace, love, and gratitude. However, they aren’t happy, they have no idea what makes them happy or how to find ‘it’. To those who ask, I usually recommend that they do the work to find their happiness. For many of them, it starts with the thing that consumes most of their time, their work/career. What you do, especially for a living, is not what solely defines your happiness, but as my personal experience has taught me, when you are fulfilled professionally, when you wake with excitement about your purpose, happiness abounds. You are responsible for your happiness; your life is your responsibility. Take the time to find the thing that causes you to smile authentically; invest in your happiness.