Knowledge Into Action

What is the secret to turning knowledge into action?

A friend of mine is full of potential. She’s bright, she’s a thinker, a talker, and she’s very personable. She just isn’t a doer. Well, that’s not the complete truth. She will do, she will try, but she isn’t consistent and often quits things when they don’t work out as quickly as she thinks they should.
One of her favorite justifications is that she doesn’t know how to turn knowledge into action. She listens to the books, watches the videos, talks with those who are successful, writes notes, and makes plans. And that’s where it all ends.
For me, there was a point when I listened to a new audiobook every 4 days. When I got off work, I went home and watched videos of the authors, and when I wasn’t listening or watching, I was planning. Until one day I wondered what the point was. Why fill my mind with all this information and just let it live there? So, I decided that I wouldn’t read, listen to, or watch another business or self-help related thing until I put at least one of the things I’d learned into action. It was in the doing that I discovered…
There is no secret! 
How do you turn all the knowledge you have into action? The answer is in the question. You put knowledge into action. There’s no step in between. Whether you want to learn how to start a food truck, knit, build a website, or earning a living doing what you love, start doing it. You’ve read the articles, watched the videos, and bought the books; take everything you’ve learned and put it to work.
The people who reach their goals and the people who are successful are the people who act. Action is the first step toward every goal. Put your knowledge into action. Problems are solved, companies built, relationships restored, and wounds are healed in the doing.
Get Busy. Take Action.

Knowledge into action