Develop a manifesto. A personal statement.
What do you do, believe, want, and enjoy.
Where are you going, what do you need to be reminded of?
In a nutshell, who are you?
What is the Call To Action for your life?

Pictured above is my personal manifesto. It’s a work in progress (hence the empty space). I encourage you to write one for yourself. It doesn’t have to be designed, it can be a list, a word document, anything, but print it and put it where it can be seen.

“The main purpose of the personal manifesto is to really figure out what you care about, how you perceive yourself, and how you want to act moving forward. It’s not always a key to figuring out exactly what you want to do with your life, but it’s a great starting point for at least figuring out how you want to go about those goals.”- Thorin Klosowski

 As you reach goals, change thoughts, and grow, change your manifesto. It should grow with you and go before you. You want your actual life to match what you’ve stated your goals for your life are on your manifesto. It’s an easy way to be inspired, keep yourself accountable, and clearly state your goals.