I am an addict.
I have recently had to put myself on a sugar restriction, again! Weekends only, until I can once again conquer the addiction.
I used to be known for being a lover of any shaped chicken product, having a sweet tooth, and being the kid who had to sit at the table for hours because she refused to eat her vegetables. Now, I am the plant-based friend who willingly shares anything I know (only when asked) about foods, their benefits, and their effects.
I know how personal and comforting food can be to people, and much like the topics of religion, money, and politics, when people are fearful, or think their views are being challenged or their freedom of choice being compromised, they become defensive. But, I would like to think that the words and wisdom of people such as Hippocrates and Einstein would warrant heeding, or at least trying.
It’s amazing the effects one small change at a time can have.
Try something you’ve never tried before, and see if it’s worth making a permanent life change.