Time Will Tell

I just told you yesterday that there were 92 days left in the year. So, what did you do with your eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds today? Sounds like a lot of time, right? One thousand four hundred and forty minutes, twenty-four hours.  No matter how you break it down, we all got the same amount of time today. We all didn’t use our time well though.
What did you do today? What about this week? Did you spend more time pursuing someone else’s goals instead of your own? Do you spend more time watching people live their dream (on TV or online) than you do working on yours?
I get it. You’re busy, you have a family to take care of, your work comes home with you. But do those things really eat up all of your free time? Or is it that those things take priority (as they should) and when those are done you need time to decompress so you veg out. Is your free time spent on social media, Netflix, Xbox, or watching TV?


What you do with your time tells what you value and what you want. Everyone finds time to do the things they want, even if they’ve convinced themselves that they’re too busy. Isn’t it amazing the number of things you can get done when you’re up against a deadline or when your in-laws are coming over or when it will cost you money?
Track your days and log your hours like you would a checkbook, you’ll easily be able to tell what’s important to you. You can fool yourself all day long, but time will tell. If this time next month you haven’t lost an ounce of weight, if the laundry room is still a mess, if your business plans have another inch of dust on them, or if your issues still haven’t fixed themselves, you know what you didn’t use your time doing.
If you want something bad enough, it is worth the sacrifice. Find that thing that’s worth giving up TV or netflix for and go after it with all your heart, effort, and free time. A few years of sacrifice now for a life of purpose seems worth it to me. Besides, it’s the age of the internet, nothing dies. You can watch it later, or binge watch it all one Saturday a month.