Who Are You?

Often we identify ourselves by our titles, our roles, our likes, our habits, and by what others say about us. Even things we may not be want to be known as, such as loud, greedy, or bad with money. But is that a complete and accurate description of who we are?
Do we actually know who we are?
As much as we love to ‘think outside the box’, we also enjoy being categorized. But when you disconnect the titles, the categories, and the adopted identities, who are you?
If you woke up tomorrow in a country you’d never been to, unable to speak the language, and no one knew who you were, who would you be?
When people divorce, when a spouse dies, when the kids move away or when jobs end; those are often the  times when people realize that they associated who they were with what they had and what they did. That’s when the work begins to discover who they are without those things.
You aren’t what you do. You aren’t what you have or don’t have. You aren’t your circumstances. So without those boxes or safety ropes attached to your identity, who are you?
What’s the value in knowing who you are?
The more you know about yourself the more you’ll understand what makes you happy. So if you’re struggling to figure out what you want to do, where your passions lie, or what your purpose is, I challenge you to first spend some time alone and figure out who you are. Who were you born to be? What is the work you were created to do? What impact is your presence here meant to have? The better you know yourself, the easier it is to discover what you want.
Invest some time in yourself and discover who you are.